Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Burying the Gravy

I cooked for over 200 people for two years at the Overton Senior Center. When I left they gave me a plaque that read "to Olive Walker, the Best Cook in the State of Nevada" a white leather purse, and a large crystal vase. I love to cook but didn't do well in the beginning.

My first cooking experiences started when I was ten years old in Napa, Idaho. The family was thrashing wheat in the field. Mother decided I would be more useful making dinner and sent me in to cook up the chickens we'd killed and plucked. I peeled the potatoes and fried the chicken up nice and golden brown. I boiled the corn on the cob and then started the gravy. I put the flour in the grease but when I poured in the milk I didn't stir fast enough. The gravy got all lumpy. I was so embarrassed of the gravy I hurried and took it outside and buried it with a shovel before any one could see it!

That same year I made a cake from the recipe off a Crisco can. I forgot to put in the Crisco. It was hard and dry but we ate it anyways.


  1. This is hilarious. I love the title as well. Have Anita tell you about the time she used water instead of milk in a pie.

  2. These are great stories. What a wonderful thing to record for your posterity.